avoid these marketing mistakes for your brick and mortar business

I spent a couple of hours on Friday researching some of the local businesses in my home town looking for websites, blogs, social networking information, etc… and what I found was NOT pretty.
Exposed! Not everyone has a website! I am so surprised that in today’s business atmosphere everyone does not have a website. Those websites that do exist are not necessarily doing the businesses any favors either. Some are not easy to read, tell me nothing I want to know and either have really small font or spelling errors. Shocking, isn’t it? How do they expect to attract new clients or customers?
A website is like having a sign in the window letting everyone know you are in business. It’s no longer feasible to hang a shingle outside your business and hope everyone will come. They won’t. That may seem a bit harsh but by not marketing yourself online you are missing out on an opportunity for growing your business like you never have before. I won’t quote statistics because they change hourly but it would be fair to say the majority of customers check out local businesses before they walk in the door. What a shame if they don’t know you exist.
Put Blogging to work for you! Blogging is a golden opportunity to educate your customers on your products and show them how your products or services are the answer to all of their needs, whether it’s the latest walking shoe or a new service you are providing. Blogging encourages readership, which will increase your client base, dramatically leading to more sales and more profit. Why wouldn’t you blog?
Use Social Networks or lose business to your competitor! Connect with your customers! Today, more than ever we must interact with our customers through social networks and forums. Seriously, if we don’t use social networking sites our competitor down the street will start taking business away from us.